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  • Motown's hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded Winter 2016/17 rumours thread
    Well it all starts again. Leicester and Bournemouth lead chase for Udinese 20 yr old midfielder Jakub Jankto …
  • The Birch
    Just heard the Birch has had a heart attack on stage at an awards ceremony. Thoughts are with him .
  • Leicester 0 Chelsea 3
    Still 15th in the table.
  • Players out on loan 2016/17
    There are new rules in place for loans this season. Short term "emergency" loans are no longer allowed in the Football League, so any players we send out have to be for the season, or until the January transfer window. Callum elder has signed a new contract, to 2019, and has been lent to Brentford for the season. […]
  • New ex-players thread
    The old one's been closed, so let's start the new one with a big story. Alex Cisak...





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