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  • Mahrez
    I know it was all paper talk a while back but supposedly Vardy, Mahrez and Kante were all offered lucrative new deals. Vardy has signed his, Kante has allegedly rejected his but there has been nothing reported on Mahrez's situation. I guess no news is good news but I am a little surprised we haven't heard anything on this. Anyone know anything more […]
  • Motown's hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded Summer 2016 rumours thread
    It's about time we started getting linked with some crazy signings for our 2016/17 campaign. No doubt there will be some humdingers linked. Here's an early contender:
  • The International Champions Cup 2016 A nice surprise for next pre-season. We are part of the international champions cup. Is this a statement of intent for the future or just a group of clubs being nice and caving in to media to let the little kids play in the same tournament as them? I'm not sure how I fee […]
  • Andy King
    Committing to the club until 2020. Following Chilwell yesterday can we have one of these a day for the next few days please? Preferably Mahrez tomorrow.
  • Ben Chilwell
    Signed a new five year contract.





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