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  • The Apprentice 2014
    Wow! Three sacked on the same day. The annoying bastard, the tranny and the incompetent. Not much quality left now to be honest except for Roisin in a bikini - cor!!!
  • New Contract Andy King Signs New 4yr Deal
    From the OS ...
  • Prediction League - Fixtures 31st October - 2nd November
    Match day 5, as always, runs from Friday to Sunday. Fixtures: Blaarev v RotherhamFox93 Dorset Fox v jas123 foxybru v OldGit jb5000 v give_us_a_wave Motown Fox v pork pie fox Orifice v LCFC'sGodWears9 Xowie v Jeff
  • Pearson Out!
    James has gone on loan to Wrexham for a month.
  • Match day 4 results
    Four out of four for *Blaarev* as *GW9*'s Sunday picks fail to register the big scores needed - and a bonus point for each for both naming eight winners. Four straight wins too for *jb5000*, who edges past *Jeff* despite Spennymoor Town's draw with Telford. *foxybru* holds third after a big win...