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  • Leicester v Southampton
    They have made a solid start to the season and therefore it wont be an easy game. However if we can keep the momentum of last nights performance going then its a game we can win. Although Armartey played well id like Mendy to get some playing time if available. IMO Kaspers presence last night settled the defence and we looked solid. Hernandez may have played […]
  • New ex-players thread
    The old one's been closed, so let's start the new one with a big story. Alex Cisak...
  • The 'they're talking about us' thread
    I keep reading articles of all types about us and often don't know where to put them. How about right here? A couple of peculiarly random ones to get us started:
  • Motown's hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded Winter 2016/17 rumours thread
    Well it all starts again. Leicester and Bournemouth lead chase for Udinese 20 yr old midfielder Jakub Jankto …
  • Champions League tickets arrangements





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