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  • Ranieri
    Think this deserves its own thread, but if not please move it to where it should be. Just watched the interview with Claudio from BT Sport prior to today's game. He says the usual stuff, one game at a time etc. However the interview concludes with him stating to the interviewer that he wants to finish his managerial career at Leicester, then asked how l […]
  • The 'they're talking about us' thread
    I keep reading articles of all types about us and often don't know where to put them. How about right here? A couple of peculiarly random ones to get us started:
  • Arsenal v Leicester
    Well, here we go again, the last game of the big 3 that was supposed to see us fall from grace. After beating Liverpool at home and now Man City away we are in a tremendous position. This sort of thing is as rare as rocking horse shit so I am going to enjoy the ride and see where it takes us. Our record against Arsenal: Overall Games won: 29 Games drawn: 43 […]
  • Ben Wrigglesworth to Arsenal He's gone! Thoughts? I think that we need to guard Steve Walsh right now. . .
  • Title Challenge?
    What do you think we can realistically achieve this season? Many people are suggesting that this is going to be one of the easiest seasons to win the league. While it may be that the points total required will be one of the lowest in the premier league era, personally I think this indicates that it is one of the hardest seasons to win the league, it shows ho […]





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