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  • Leicester City Players in Euro 2016 or something similar
  • Motown's annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded Summer 2016 rumours thread
    It's about time we started getting linked with some crazy signings for our 2016/17 campaign. No doubt there will be some humdingers linked. Here's an early contender:
  • New ex-players thread
    The old one's been closed, so let's start the new one with a big story. Alex Cisak...
  • Season Ticket Renewals
    Rumour has it that we won't be issued with new cards for next year, so don't go throwing your old one away just yet. Also according to someone on FB, U10's tickets in the family stand don't get automatically renewed if you are on the direct debit scheme, so ring the ticket office is this applies to you.
  • 3 x Kasabian Saturday Standing Tickets
    Hi all, Hope this is OK with you Jeff. Unfortunately due to illness I can't make the gig now so have 3 tickets for tmw standing going spare. Seems to be quite a lot about so will take £50 a ticket as just need them gone. I'm based 10 mins walk from King Power and collection available all day today and tmw. Thanks Matt





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