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  • Points Tracker 2019/20
    Hi, 2015/16 is no doubt etched on our brains forever. During that season I decided to create a 'points tracker' to give an insight as to how we were shaping up. Well, this season feels special and although I dare not dream of winning it again I feel this season will be pivotal. So... Here it is. I will keep it updated after each match so everyone c […]
  • Leicester 2 Burnley 1
    Vardy and Tielemans with the goals, after Chris Wood gave Burnley the lead. We're second in the league.
  • BNs "The Leicester City Betting Expert 2019/20" Thread
    As some of you may know, I like the occasional football bet. As some of you may not know, I am very much in profit from my football betting, despite occasional insinuations on here doubting my genius. I've put six bets on for this season. Anyone else having a few quid on the following or other City related odds? Jamie Vardy - top Premier League scorer - […]
  • They're talking about us
    I keep reading articles of all types about us and often don't know where to put them. How about right here? A couple of peculiarly random ones to get us started: […]
  • Expected Goals (xG)
    I mentioned this metric in the post match thread for the Liverpool game. Lots of stats minded people seem to believe that it is a more reflective way of measuring performances than actual results. There are many, many articles going on about how Team A has an xG of this and Team B has an xG of that as a way of explaining why individual results may not be the […]