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  • Unspectacular player that you loved
    A companion to Miley’s thread. I’ll start with Arnie. Criminally underused and would have torn up Div 1 with Dickov and Deane.
  • They're talking about us
    I keep reading articles of all types about us and often don't know where to put them. How about right here? A couple of peculiarly random ones to get us started:
  • Relegation?
    We City supporters appear to be generally quite pessimistic about the remainder of the season. Nobody has lost more than us. We cannot defend. We're piss poor in midfield. We're a random mess up front. We're leadersless. Our manager is useless. We're ****ed. However. I've had a look at a three sources of independent analysis of our p […]
  • New ex-players (and managers) thread
    The old one's been closed, so let's start the new one with a big story. Alex Cisak...
  • Foxes Trust Welcomes the Publication of the Premier League Fan Engagement Standard (FES)
    The publication by the Premier League of the new Fan Engagement Standard at long last commits clubs to ensuring long-term meaningful engagement with supporters. Foxes Trust view this as being a result of several years of campaigning by supporter groups and the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA), along with recent pressure brought about by the Fan-led Rev […]