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  • The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded summer 2023 rumours thread - it's started already!
    Arsenal are favourites to sign Leicester City's Belgium midfielder Youri Tielemans, 25, in the summer. (Teamtalk)
  • Next permanent manager
    Ok, who's your pick? Robins maybe if Cov lose the play-off final? Could we tempt Carrick? I just hope we don't get some old duffer. The trouble I have is that we aren't an attractive proposition at the moment. Who wants to board a ship full of rats and scurvy?
  • Slum Dwellers
    So, a man (or woman) has lived in a slum all of his (or her) life. ( I am going to stop doing the gender neutral thing now as it is beginning to sound like a Monty Python sketch) This man is quite happy in his role in life without great expectations. One day, someone takes him out of the slum and introduces him to the high life and he loves it. But then, he […]
  • Who Goes, Who Stays? Championship Here We Come!....
    Well it seemed like this was happening for a while now so hopefully there are some plans in place already and we deal with the situation quickly but I fully expect us to piss around without a manager for a month or 2 and then just beg Smith again. Personally, I think Smith has to go. It certainly wasn't his fault we have gone down but he hasn't don […]
  • It's time to turn on our owners
    Sorry but it is time that they got the criticism they deserve. Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha is no good as a leader of this club. He needs to sell up and go and stick to playing billionaire games back in Thailand. So many fans are allergic to finding him responsible for anything negative. The outstanding success he and his father brought to us is over. Their ti […]